Photo by Emilee Prado (Dallas)

Photo by Emilee Prado (Dallas)

Natasha Vega

Conceptual Initiator & Curator of The VEGA Studio

After traveling the world as an English teacher (Spain, Mexico, South Korea) and working in the interior design/sales field in Manhattan, Natasha felt it was important to return to her hometown of Dallas to be a part of the city's arts and cultural revival. She established The VEGA Studio in 2017 with a studio space in-between the two historic neighborhoods of Old East Dallas and Deep Ellum. The VEGA Studio served as a year long passion project devoted to the emerging Dallas arts and music scene. Sharing her knowledge of contemporary art while connecting budding and seasoned artists of various mediums allowed The VEGA Studio to develop as an artspace that hosted a variety of exhibitions and pop-up style events for the surrounding community.

In creating the studio, Natasha was able to focus her fascination of art with her love of sharing and connecting people’s stories together by working collaboratively and individually on every facet of The VEGA Studio’s many happenings. After craving a taste of the big apple, she returned back to NYC to seek further career opportunities in the arts and beyond. The VEGA Studio now serves as an online gallery space for emerging artists around the world.

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