Astoria Artist Meetup 5/28/19

Shout out to all #artists in #astoria #queens and surrounding areas!!!

It may be raining but Beer It Is- rain or shine! A few artist friends and I will be getting together next Tuesday, May 28th for Happy Hour from 5-7PM at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria to drink beer, talk shit, and discuss future ideas or current projects. I thought it’d be a great chance to extend the invitation to other local creatives in the area who are looking to connect as well. I’ll have a (Vega Studio) sign to note where we are and see ya next Tuesday for cheap beers but rich conversation! Cheers!


Yoko Virtual Happening 03/05/19

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, a virtual happening was conducted from March 1st-March 5th, 2019 with Yoko Ono’s book, “Grapefruit”. A selected group of people in different places were asked to ruminate on one page given daily for a consecutive five days in an effort to bring us closer- to resonate together in the world over a singular idea. The Vega Studio was the ring leader deciding what page was to be sent out for the day based on her intuitions. The participants came from locations such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City, Georgia, California, Philly, Brooklyn, Barcelona, Ukraine, South Korea, and Australia. They were asked to meditate on the instructions of the day and let it move them as it may. Some were inspired to sketch, others were moved to write, and still others held unique ideas in their minds as part of the collective vibration. Themes of rituals and mindful daily practices were explored as we found humor and creative power in Yoko’s simple yet playfully abstract life instructions.

“Day 4 of the Virtual Happening and I’m feeling clarity despite the Mercury retrograde
— Participant TK in Athens (GA)

Sofar Sounds DFW: Acoustic Folk Rock Show 10/14/2017

The Vega Studio collaborated with Sofar Sounds DFW to host an intimate night of live acoustic folk rock music. The night featured three live performance acts including Silas Nello playing on guitar and harmonica (with some serious Bob Dylan vibes), Westmoreland (a folk trio of guitar, violin, and mandolin), and Casey Reid celebrating the end of the night with his album release called 490 Days. It was a cozy affair with the performances radiating heart and soul!

IG: silasnello; westmorelandtx; thecasemaster