Bleeding Kimchi NEVER DIES!

Last summer I had the honor of curating the show, “Bleeding Kimchi”, with my former co-worker, Michael O’Dwyer, that featured his collaborative documentary of the underground Death Metal scene in South Korea. Below is the link for the Director’s Reel highlighting various bands and interviews by those who are helping it survive amongst the dominant KPOP music. O’Dwyer was able to capture the humor and hardships of this small scene from the bands themselves by immersing himself completely during his years of working in South Korea as an English teacher. Although I do not consider myself a metalhead, it definitely got me interested in the genre due to the undying passion shown throughout the documentary. It was such a special show that made me miss Seoul all over again.

One thing is for sure after watching-

I will forever be ⚡️🔴BLEEDING KIMCHI🔴⚡️!!!

P.S. My fav is the band, Fecundation, due to the lead’s crazy guitar riffs that never duplicate during a song.

I hope to see a live show one day✨☠️✨

IG: michealodwyer23, fecundationsojujong


Birthday Barbie Collaboration

After stealing my 90’s Birthday Barbie back from my parents house in Texas, (my mom has been saving a few over the years) I decided that she needed a proper party to celebrate her new found freedom. Teresa had been in her box since 1996 and has reached vintage status which is something to honor, preferably with glitter. I grew up playing with many Barbies and always loved the Teresa model since she was considered more of the “Latina” style friend of Barbie. Although I never had the Barbie Dreamhouse or car, my sister and I would still spend hours creating different imaginary worlds and scenarios for our Barbies to live and almost breathe in. In fact, having a dreamland is something I still love to create as an adult.

I had just started following Dolls to the wall_NYC on IG and knew that he would be the perfect person to contact to capture my Birthday Party vision since his feed is filled with colorful photo shoots of his growing collection of Barbies, vintage and new. His knowledge and maintenance style of all the dolls is such a wonder to behold. I enjoyed the “Behind the Scenes” tour of how he meticulously prepares for each photo shoot (hair wash and outfit steam required!). We incorporated her fun Birthday cutouts with a shimmering backdrop, crystals because she needed some of that good energy in her new life, and a pair of legs in the right-hand corner since parties can get out of control and even Barbies pass out from all the Birthday shenanigans!

The results are fun and fresh for this newly awakened Birthday Goddess!

To see more of his artistic photo shoots and Barbie collection-

IG: dollstothewall_nyc